About Us

Kingdom Overflow Ministries was initially launched by Matt and Jordan Roten in 2020. It exists to display the Gospel of the Kingdom and enable people to walk in the fullness of Christ.

Who We Are


Our team is made up of a group of believers from diverse backgrounds and denominations who want to see God’s Kingdom expand here on earth.

Kingdom Overflow Ministries

Our mission is to meet physical and spiritual needs in our community, share the hope of the Gospel, and equip all believers to walk in the fullness of what Jesus died to give them. We do this through various community projects, outreach events, worship nights, and conferences.

Kingdom Overflow Properties

The construction arm of our ministry is dedicated to working with low-income families to make their homes safer, whether fixing a leaking roof or addressing other structural and weatherization concerns. We are grateful to partner with WAMY Community Action in these efforts.

Our Vision


  • There are an estimated 23,000 children per year aging out of foster care. Within four years of aging out, 70% will be on government assistance, 50% will be unemployed, and 50% will experience homelessness.
  • Of the 22 million adults in addiction recovery in the US, 9% are unemployed. Research shows that mental and emotional wellness, as well as meaningful work, are essential to a solid recovery.

These individuals are in need of a place where they can receive care while learning skilled trades and finding meaningful employment. That’s where we come in.

We are currently raising funds to purchase and renovate an existing campus designed for long-term housing and training. We plan to launch a residential program for young adults aging out of foster care and individuals who have completed recovery programs, where they can be cared for, discipled, and equipped with trade knowledge and training. For our North Carolina pilot program, we hope to open our doors in 2025, creating a network and framework that can continue expanding into new demographics and locations. Learn more about our plans to bring this vision to life here.

A Letter from Matt & Jordan

Over the past few years, as we faithfully prayed for the Kingdom realm to come down and manifest in tangible ways around the world, the Lord guided us into ministry. It started with small speaking events, nights of encouragement, Bible studies, and prayer groups—lifting our voices together to fill up homes and churches with the Word of God. And now, He has called us to step out in faith and believe for even bigger things.

As we pray for God’s mighty hand of power to move through us—His church—our desire is to see all believers become one in mind and heart, giving powerful testimonies of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. We want to see the restoration of the bride of Christ. We want to see chains broken and lives resurrected.

We pray that every single person reading this has an encounter with the resurrection power of Jesus Christ and that it manifests as the miracles, signs, and wonders they have been asking for so that they can have the opportunity to believe in a new and deeper way.

That kind of encounter is what gives us access to the faith and courage it takes to forsake everything else as we surrender to Jesus. That kind of encounter is what gives a hurting and broken world a taste of kindness from a faithful God. So Lord, may we taste and see that You are good! May we bear witness to the resurrected Christ. May we shout to those around us that Jesus is alive and so, so worthy of our surrendered life.

We also pray for the Lord to increase our boldness. For the things that have not yet come to pass, remove from our lips and hearts any religious excuses so that we do not diminish what Jesus has accomplished. Instead, teach us how to press in to You, Jesus. Let us fall on our faces and encounter You again. In ways we can’t deny. In ways we can’t stop talking about. Let us encounter You so clearly that we can no longer be silent about who You are and what You have done.

May the cry of our hearts be for Your Kingdom to reign, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Jesus taught: “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!” And not once did He withhold the miracle. He never withheld Your kindness, God, because it is Your kindness that leads us to repentance. It is Your kindness, and love, and mercy that leads us to continuously change our minds and our perspectives—to adopt the mind of Christ—until we begin to understand that we live under an open Heaven. Until we recognize that the Kingdom of God is accessible, available, and within us. Ready to be released.

So we pray, oh God, for Heaven to meet earth.

And for the world to ignite.