Kingdom Overflow Ministries

When Heaven Meets Earth.
Our hearts are set on making a difference in the community and world we live in through the power of the Gospel. Our team partners with local businesses and organizations to take on non-profit housing and community projects for low-income families and also hosts various outreach events, worship nights, and conferences.

The mission of Kingdom Overflow Ministries is to see hearts and lives changed by the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, locally and globally.

Endless love beyond measurement that transcends our understanding—this extravagant love pours into you until you are filled to overflowing with the fullness of God!


“What an awesome group of leaders! They were inspiring and so passionate in sharing God’s Word! I really enjoyed the visual demonstrations they used when giving examples and it helped me retain what I learned. I am also thankful to have a notebook full of biblical references that help me KNOW how much God loves me!!”

-Deb B.

“Kingdom Overflow Ministries delivers an anointed bible study that causes the Word of God to come alive through demonstrations, word studies and examples that seal all the cracks in your foundation and cause you to see who you really are, and what you are really capable of through the Holy Spirit. Become that Kingdom Ambassador clothed in power and authority and refuse to walk beneath what Jesus Christ died to give you. “

-Monnie R.

“This team has a unique way of taking things you may have read or heard before and with help from Holy Spirit removing a layer of film from your eyes so that the Word makes sense in a way you may not have perceived before!”

-Lynn H.

Grace Waves

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